About Us

Founded in 2014 by renown Food Blogger/Critic, Big Roy [@eatwithroy], BLACK&INK has come a long way since. Big Roy has developed a passion for food and cooking since 5 years old and his grandma & mother were the major influences in his culinary path. Trained in varieties of culinary, baking, coffees, food science, etc, Big Roy is a foodie who definitely knows his food and drinks.

BLACK&INK grew from a small coffee bar to what it is today when we moved into Swan Lake Avenue neighbourhood. With a size so much bigger, we have created a variety of comfort food, classic desserts, etc, to go with our artisanal coffees and draught beers/stout. Definitely tough at first but the local support is strong just like how we support local businesses and those in need whenever we can. BLACK&INK is all about building a community wherever we are operating, never intrusive, but integrating with the neighbourhood. That's what our food and drinks is all about too, just like having family and friends over for a meal. Truly a home aways from home.

Hope you feel at home too! smiley