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Burgers come with fries or salad. Buns are baked by inmates. Thanks for your support for our social causes!

Butt Naked [S]

Butt Naked? But there are no buns! :) This keto-friendly burger is created for gym goers and weight watchers. Bacon, fried egg, greens, cheese & aioli in between 2 thick beef patties. Choose a side of fries or salad.

Can Dan Cheese (餐蛋治) [S]

A childhood sando that Big Roy would prepare for himself... Without all the luxuries, of course. This upgraded version has buttered brioche bun, beer battered crispy thick luncheon patty, scrambled kampong eggs, smoked cheese & tangy sauce. For the child in all of us! Choose a side of fries or salad.

Clucking Good

Crispy fried large boneless juicy chicken thigh, some greens, aioli on a brioche bun. Choose a side of fries or salad.

Smashed Cheeseburger [S]

Took us almost 4 years to get this right. Totally worth it 'cos it's our number 1 selling burger since it's debut and you just gotta try it if you dig cheeseburgers! Double smashed beef patties with a slice of smoky cheese each and topped with sauteed tangy onions for the win! No veg. You're welcome kids. Choose a side of fries or salad.

The Legend [S]

Created in memory of The Legend in the rugby world, Jonah Lomu. This burger packs with a thick beef patty with cheese, greens, bacon, fried egg & housemade sauce. As solid as Jonah! Make it double patty to get food coma! Choose a side of fries or salad.

Ultimate Otah Sando [S]

Whole slab of spicy Muar Otah, made from a blend of fresh fish chunks and aromatic spices. Topped with a fried egg, drizzled with creamy aioli and sandwiched between a perfectly grilled buttery brioche bun. Enjoy the perfect balance of heat, creaminess, and richness in every bite!


Choose from 10-inch White base or Squid Ink Parmesan base [Add $1]

All pizza bases are thin crust & par-baked by inmates. Prepared a la minute, expect longer waiting time.

Bacon & Cheese Pizza [S]

Our very first pizza flavour launched during the Circuit Breaker (CB) period! 10" pizza comes with Onions, Cheese and Bacon. Simple yet satisfying! [Choose from our usual white pizzas bases or Squid Ink Parmesan ones. And since it's ala minute, please expect longer waiting time and talk to your friends!]

Chunky Salmon Pizza [S]

Chunks of salmon, onions & mozzarella cheese makes this back by popular demand pizza!

Hawaiian Pizza

A classic that needs no introduction. Juicy pineapple chunks, ham & mozzarella cheese. Top favourite! [Choose from our usual white pizzas bases or Squid Ink Parmesan ones. And since it's ala minute, please expect longer waiting time and talk to your friends!]

Otah Pizza [S]

Chunky fish otah chunks from Muar spread all over with fresh onions, cherry tomatoes and cheese. Dressed with chilli flakes for the extra heat! [Choose from our usual white pizzas bases or Squid Ink Parmesan ones. And since it's ala minute, please expect longer waiting time and talk to your friends!]

Smoked Duck Pizza

Juicy tender duck breast slices with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella cheese! [ Choose from our usual white pizzas bases or Squid Ink Parmesan ones. And since it's ala minute, please expect longer waiting time and talk to your friends!]

Truffle Shrooms Pizza [V] [S]

Assorted mushrooms scattered all over a 10" tomato pizza base and topped with yummy mozzarella cheese and aromatic truffle oil. A great vegetarian alternative! [Choose from our usual white pizzas bases or Squid Ink Parmesan ones. And since it's ala minute, please expect longer waiting time and talk to your friends!]

Shakshuka [V] [S]

A vegetarian dish originated from Maghreb, served in a piping hot skillet. Contains 2 kampong eggs, onions, garlic, tomatoes, olive oil and spices. Topped with a little cheese and 2 slices of our Signature sourdough toasts. How's that for a heart-warming weekend Brunch? Non-vegetarians may choose to add on bacon (chopped), sausages (sliced) to get more of the smoky flavour to it!


200g of no.14 spaghetti cooked a la minute

Aglio Olio [S]

Our signature pasta since day 1. Pasta tossed in loads of garlic and olive oil. Choose from assorted shrooms, grilled boneless chicken thigh or prawn toppings. Indicate spice levels from non-spicy, light spicy or SPICY!🌶️

Beef Bolognese

Pasta tossed in housemade pomodoro sauce and loads of American minced beef. Simple classic never fails to please the kids and some older kids. :)

Beef Lasagna

Layers of pasta sheets with layers of herb seasoned minced beef, drenched in pomodoro sauce. Very popular meal for kids, light meal for adults and a snack for Big Roy! ;P [H] - Halal Source


No cream, Italian style. Smoky bacon bits, juicy button mushrooms, parmesan cheese, egg yolk. Not your typical carbonara with heavy cream.

[RELAUNCHED] Hae Bee Hiam Pasta

A Singaporean-Italian fusion of spicy dried shrimp sambal paste, pasta and prawns. Traditionally delicious and heart warming.

Momma Laksa Pasta

Pasta tossed in 55 year old Laksa recipe with prawns and topped with fried pollock fish nuggets & crispy taupok.

Magic Shrooms Pasta

Pasta tossed in our housemade mushroom paste and more assorted mushrooms and white truffle oil are added before serving. True comfort food.

Tom Yum Seafood Pasta

Created during covid when we all missed travelling to Thailand! Tossed in prawns and clams.


Using quality Japanese pearl rice

Char Bowl [S]

Our version of 黯然消魂饭! Char Bowl (‘Lady’ in the Teochew Dialect) is named because of our Big Roy’s Mother’s Teochew roots, to recognize her humble upbringing to the man he is today. Also, the succulent Char Siew is also roasted to a nice blush like Diana! Served on Japanese pearl rice, topped with a fried egg, achar and cucumber to complete your meal! [Our char siew is using premium half fatty pork and is on the charred side. If you don't like fats or charring, you may wanna skip this one. Achar contains grounded nuts]

Katze-Don [S]

Tender and juicy Crispy Pork Loin resting on top of a bed of housemade curry gravy drenched over scramble eggs and Japanese rice. Meat lovers may wanna add-on another piece of Tonkatsu. [Sauce contains grounded nuts]

The Chicken Story

First there was the rice... The chicken feeds on the rice... Then the chicken lays eggs... And chicken come from the eggs... Go figure out the story!

What The Duck! [S]

Sliced WHOLE duck breast, smoked then sous vided to tenderness and then glazed to light crisp, resting on a bowl of duck fat fried rice, served with achar, fried egg and garlic crisps. Yes a lot of work to put this together but the eating experience is worth it! [Sauce is lightly spicy]


Yakitori chicken sticks glazed with teriyaki sauce over steaming pearl rice and served with achar and egg. Favourite of any child and adult alike! [Contains Sesame Seed]


When land meets the sea. There's something for everyone!

Aussie Marbled Striploin [S]

This 180-200g steak marbling adds loads of flavour and is one of the main criteria for judging the quality of cuts of meat. Under high temperature, the marbling in the steak begins to melt and coat the muscle fibers surrounding it. This produces a rich buttery texture and enhances the bold, beefy flavour of the meat. Served with Pink Himalayan Salt & Black Pepper and Mustard. Add on mushroom or some sausages to complete it as a meal! Enjoy this crowd pleaser best with your friends over a Guinness or a beer! 🥰 Comes with fries! Order a double if one slab is not enough!

Chicken & Egg Situation [S}

Juicy grilled tender chicken breasts drizzled with truffle oil and power packed with 4 scrambled kampong eggs (no cream) and side greens. Keto and low carb friendly!

Fish & Fries [S]

Succulent crispy Pollock fish chunks with crispy fries similar to your regular Fish & Chips except that this one you only need a fork. 😉

Garden Greens (V)

Mix garden greens doused with aged Balsamic dressing and croutons. Choose from sauteed mushroom, grilled chicken breast, salmon fillet or our signature sous vide whole duck breast to complete your healthy meal!

Hāmana & Egg [S]

First we have Chicken & Eggs, now we have Hāmana. Hāmana (Salmon in Maori language) is pan seared with simple sea salt and black pepper over a dollop of mashed sweet potatoes, with side 4 scrambled kampong eggs and some greens. This 80-10-10 (Protein-Fibre-Carbs) meal will sure blow the fitness freaks away!


20% Off Mains For Weekdays Lunch Only From 12-3pm. Excludes PH.

[NEW] Pasta - Hae Bee Hiam

A Singaporean-Italian fusion of spicy dried shrimp sambal paste, pasta and prawns. Traditionally delicious and heart warming.


Always something good to share!

American Fries [V]

Crispy Amercian fries that stays crispy longer!

Assorted Tempeh Chips
Can't Stop Wings [S]

Crispy 2-joint wings with homemade sauce that once you start, you can't stop. Coated with our secret sauce and power chilli powder! Choose from non spicy, light spicy or SPICY!

Dirty Spam

Specks of black pepper stains the hammy spam that looks dirty but it is not! Crispy fried with our signature beer batter, best with a pint of cold beer!

Forest Trail [V]

[Back By Popular Demand!] Created after Big Roy's trip to the mountains for charity. A nice bowl of assorted wild mushroom blended soup, with some white truffle oil drizzled on top and serve with sourdough toast was all he was missing in the cold! No cream used, just pure goodness!

Hyogo Oysters

Top selling oysters from Tsukiji Fish Market in Japan! Farmed in mineral rich waters hanging from a raft, flash freeze fresh and airflown to Singapore. Shucked just before serving, these oysters are nice and creamy, sweet and has light fruity tones! Best with just squeezing some lemon juice in it and go with your wines or beers! Bake with cheese or garlic is additional $1 each oyster for those who cannot take raw. Sold in half dozen or dozens only.


Chicken thigh chunks, mayo

Luck Kee Sticks

Grilled teriyaki chicken skewers with sesame seeds. But why Luck Kee? Because 'Six' in Teochew/Hokkien dialect is pronounced as 'Luck' and 'Kee' means Sticks. So everyone Lucky Luck Kee ya!

Ma La Fries

Ma La fries are perfect with a nice cold beer or ale.

Rings of Gold

Onion rings made of real whole onion rings!

Squidward's Squiddy Hands

Crispy seasoned squid tentacles served with homemade curry dip sauce. Best with our beers and stouts or share over a meal with family and friends. Try some today!

Sweet Potato Fries

American honey sweet potato fries fried to light crisp [V] - Vegetarian

Tipsy Otah Fries [S]

These Muar Otah Fries followed their Dirty Spam Fries friends and took a plunge into the same pool of beer batter. Ending up with a light crisp on the outside after frying but still has lots of fish fillet chunks on the inside! Serve with Aioli sauce to balance the chilli spice.

Truffle Fries

Crispy American fries with glorious white truffle oil! [V] - Vegetarian


Our Signature Blend, 'From The Heart' is specially crafted by our founder Big Roy with Bettr Barista since 2014, bringing you the best quality in specialty coffee beans. Although more expensive than other roasters, every cuppa we sell goes to helping Women In Need & Children At Risk! 

Whole Beans available below!

Caffé Latte

One of our best selling coffee. Double shots espresso and silky steamed milk!


Double shots milk coffee with more foam


Espressco double shots

Flat White [S]

Double shots espresso with silky steamed milk and less foam.

Long Black/Americano

Good 'ol black coffee


Latte with chocolate sauce

Piccolo (Single Shot)

Single shot espresso with milk in a 100ml glass


Our Signature Blend, 'From The Heart' is specially crafted by our founder Big Roy with Bettr Barista since 2014, bringing you the best quality in specialty coffee beans. Although more expensive than other roasters, every cuppa we sell goes to helping Women In Need & Children At Risk! 

Whole Beans available here! --> 




Similar to your nitro coffee served in ice and nice brown foam on top.


Similar to nitro coffee with milk

Black Lavender Coffee

Lavender infused black coffee in hot or cold. Another in-house creation!

Cold Latte [Bottle] [S]

Latte chilled overnight at near zero degrees celsius immediately after preparation. Loaded with 3 espresso shots!

Cold Lavender Latte [Bottle]

Lavender infused caffe latte. No sugar.

Cold Mocha [Bottle]

Cold Mocha brings out the richness in our coffee blend with rich dark choc added.

Ginger Caffé Latte

Big Roy was a little under the weather so he created this drink. The kick from the caffeine with the ginger spiciness will take the flu away.

Heart Stopper

Not for the weak hearted.One part espresso, 2 parts milk

Iced Shocker [S]

Espresso shots shocked in a glass of ice then topped with steamed milk.

Lavender Caffé Latte [S]

Pre-infused with real lavender flowers into our house blend. Calming and relaxing. Best cuppa to end a hectic day!

[NEW] Sunriser

Wake up to orange juice or coffee? Why not have both!? This is truly a refreshing drink especially in this hot Singapore!


Ice black coffee with Korean yuzu honey. Calming yet refreshing.

The Baba [S]

Created After Big Roy's Indonesia coffee tour. It's like Ondeh Ondeh in a cup!

Coffee Beans - From The Heart Blend [250g]

Our Signature Blend, 'From The Heart' is specially crafted by our founder Big Roy with Bettr Barista since 2014, bringing you the best quality in specialty coffee beans. Although more expensive than other roasters, every cuppa we sell goes to helping Women In Need & Children At Risk. Bring home a bag of our house blend coffee beans today! Good for espresso based drinks or even filters! Let us know if you want them grinded or whole beans in advance as we pack fresh on the spot!


When coffee is not your cup of tea... 

Cold Brewed Tea [S]

Black&Ink's signature cold brew using an unique blend of teas. Great for hot weathers.

Genmaicha Latte [S]

Japanese Green tea roasted with brown rice. Malty green tea fragrance. Not too sweet.

Hot Yuzu

Comforting Korean Yuzu honey drink

Ice Lemon Tea

Ice lemon tea made with cold brew red tea. No sugar, add your own.

Gryphon British Breakfast

It's always been a good idea to wake up to a strong cup of freshly brewed breakfast tea. This one's of three distinct tea types all blended to robust perfection. Now, looks like your good morning brew just got better by three folds.

Gryphon Chamomile Dream

Everyone gets a little restless sometimes. While a massage sounds like a great luxurious idea, we don't always have the time for one. Fortunately for us, a tried and tested alternative would be a long shower before diving straight for a cup of this caffeine free hot brew. Then, it's hitting the sheets at 9.30pm. Great taste 2012 Gold Award Winner! (For one pax only. Free one-time hot water refill.)

Gryphon Earl Grey Lavender

A long time classic well-loved by many, this delicate black tea needs no introduction. Feeling a little under the weather today? Relax your senses with this fragrant black tea blend. Let its bold floral top notes and vibrant citrus flavours help soothes. Goes well with warm scones or fluffy chiffon cake! Great taste 2010 Gold Award Winner. Classic Early Grey with Lavender, a top favourite. (For one pax only, free one-time hot water refill)

Gryphon Lemon Ginger Mint

This blend carries a nice bright minty profile harmoniously paired with warm spicy notes and a refreshing zesty kick. Snacked too much today? Fell asleep at your desk way too often earlier on? Muscles all sore from yesterday's workout? This herbal tisane is here to help. (For one pax only. Free one-time hot water refill).

Gryphon Lily of the Field

A flora bouquet of lilies and hyacinth, this sophisticated blend is layer of elegent and crispy notes perfect for lazy afternoon, or simply when you're looking to unwind. ( For one pax only. Free one-time hot water refill).

Gryphon Osmanthus Sencha

The dedicate green tea base hits you on first sip, then the gentle caramel notes speak to you. You take a second sip and what greets you is a well-rounded sweeteness, creamy and harmonious flavours dancing on your palate. We're guessing it won’t take long before you reach for a second cup. Great taste Gold 2012 Award Winner!

Gryphon Pearl of the Orient

One of our all-time best-selling teas, this light bodied green tea blend with subtle notes of rose is good to enjoy at any time of the day. It'll wake you up during early mornings, freshen you up in the afternoons and soothe those nerves in the evenings. Fancy a cuppa or two? Great taste 2014 Winner! (for one pax only. Free one-time hot water refill).

Gryphon White Gingerlily

There are days where we ate too many a dumplings, went overboard at the cheese counter, or simply having an upset stomach. We created a blend that will soothe, or when you seek ligher flavours, a delicate base of White Peony tea weaved with Thai galangal and lemongrass. Great taste 2010 Gold Award Winner! (for one pax only. Free one-time hot water refill).

Matcha Latte [S]

High grade Japanese Matcha powder with steamed milk.

Sparkling Coba Cabana Pineapple
Sparkling Earl Grey Lavender with Strawberry [Can]

Gryphon Tea's Artisan Earl Grey Lavender re-imagined at its finest - a beloved blend considered as one of the most approachable types of tea in the tea world. Botanically cold brewed for no less than 12 hours, Earl Grey’s distinct floral, yet citrusy profile from Calabrian Bergamot gives it a remarkable versatility in all variations and makes the most enthralling drink when infused with sweet strawberries and natural cane sugar. The perfect treat for your senses with a touch of light bubbles!

Sparkling Tea Hanami White Peach
Sparkling Osmanthus Sencha with Passionfruit [Can]

A delightful upgrade of Gryphon Tea's Artisan Osmanthus Sencha, botanically cold-brewed for no less than 12 hours to capture the essence of the gentle floral notes. Blended with passionfruit juice and natural cane sugar for that delectably sweet and fruity aroma. With a touch of light carbonation, the second sip of this drink brings out a round creaminess that dances on your palate and delights with sprightly tartness.

Sparkling Pearl Of The Orient with Lychee [Can]

A rework of Gryphon Tea's Artisan Pearl of the Orient, boasting full-bodied jasmine green tea and aromatic Moroccan pink rose, botanically cold-brewed for no less than 12 hours to capture the essence of the tea profile. Naturally sweetened with cane sugar and the Queen of summer fruits - lychee, this blend delivers a sensual and wildly sweet flavour. Infused with a stream of light bubbles making it our all-time favourite summer romantic hit!


Drinks! Drinks! Drinks!


For kids! Chocolate syrup with thick milk foam and topped with baby marshmallows.


Artisanal drinks from Australia brewed to perfection. Choose the flavour of your choice below!

Cadbury Chocolate Drink [S]

Delicious chocolatey Cadbury chocolate powder with milk and dark choc sauce

Coconut Water 100%

Cool down with this 100% coconut water!

Coke Zero/Light
Ginger Latte [S]

Mummy love this!. Strong pure grounded ginger powder with steamed milk and a little brown sugar (lightly sweetened). Curds up when cools down for a nice dessert.

Honey Ginger Drink [S]

A great remedy for coughts and cold. Drink it cold if you need something refreshing.

Honey Lime Drink [S]

Quench your thirst on a hot sunny day with some Ice Honey Lime Drink! Raining? Then go for a hot one!

Perrier [Lemon]
Pure Water

We have switched from plastic bottled drinking water to environmental-friendly ones and support local [] at the same time. [Yes, even the cap is made from plant-based plastic derived from sugar cane which makes it 100% recyclable. !] While we are trying to change everything earth friendly, such products and packaging are thrice the cost for our usual bags and boxes. But surely and slowly, we'll get there lah... 😜 Remember to order Pure Water to show your support to local products and businesses ya!

Singha Soda Water

Made with 100% recycled plastic bottle

Taro Latte [S]

Yam flavours are nice and smooth

Yuzu Spritzer [S]

Sparkling Korean Yuzu honey drink is sure to cool you down on a hot day! Or you prefer the hot version? Check out under Tea category.


Happy Endings To Any Meal Of The Day!


A scoop of Vanilla gelato with double shots of espresso

Buttermilk Waffle [S]

Classic signature crispy buttermilk waffle with seriously a lot of real French butter! For brekkies, choose the one with maple syrup and butter. For desserts, choose the ones with gelato! Extra scoops at discounted prices!

Chocolate Lava Cake [S]

Served with a scoop of vanilla gelato

Fudgie Brownie with Gelato

Warm Fudgie Brownie served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and choc sauce. Super delicious!

Root Beer Float

Float with a scoop of vanilla gelato and Bundaberg's Root Beer... What could go wrong?


Happy Hours All Day! Mix & Match!

(Not valid with any other promotions.)

Erdinger Weissbier (1 Pint)

Every sip leaves you wanting more-ERDINGER Weissbier with fine yeast is the crowning glory of traditional Bavanrian brewing skills. The strength of this classic wheat beer lies in the harmonious balance it achieves between the various aromas. Gently spicy wheat and yeast aromas blend with mildly bitter hops. The invigorating carbon dioxide ensures its typical liveliness. A premium beer whose full-bodied yet elegant character leaves a lasting impression of ultimate Bavariant enjoyment. A truly unique wheat beer! ERDINGER Weissbrau allows ít top-fermenting specialty to mature in the bottle in the traditional manner, just like champagne. This wheat beer from Erding offers more than just sparkling refreshment-itgives a true taste of Bavaria. Pint 5.6%.

Guinness Draught (1 Pint)

Rich and creamy. Distinctively black. Vevety in its finish. This iconic beer is defined by harmony. Sip after sip. Sweet counters bitter as the malt arriveson cue to complement a base of roasted barley. Just as the unmistakable white head sits flush atop the dark beer, so do the flavours counter and combine perfectly. This is Guiness's greatest innovation.Truly unique. Perfectly balanced. ABV 4.2%. Happy hour all day at only $9.90 per pint!

Heineken Draught (1 Pint)
Heineken Draught (3 Pints)
Heineken Draught (6 Pints)
Seasonal Limited Craft Brew (1 Pint)

Every 1-2 months, different craft, different taste, different shiokness, same price. Support local guys! [Retails at $15++ on average]

Mixed Pints Premium (3 Pints)
Mixed Pints Premium (6 Pints)


For those who prefer to WIND down with some WINE!

House Pour Red

House Pour Red of the season: Brown Brothers Moonstruck Cabernet Sauvignon The Moonstruck range is designed for relaxing with family and friends with deliciously drinkable fresh vibrant wines. This wine has the complexity of dark fruits, spices and fine tannins. It is well balanced and ready to drink. Volume: 750ml ABV: 14.5%

House Pour White

House Pour White of the season: Brown Brothers Moonstruck Chardonnay The Moonstruck range is designed for relaxing with family and friends with deliciously drinkable fresh vibrant wines. The Chardonnay's palate is full of ripe stone fruit flavours and citrus that flows seamlessly across the tongue Volume: 750ml ABV: 13%


Specially selected cakes to end your meal on a sweet note

Belgium Dark Choc Truffle Cake

Dark rich Belgium choc truffle goodness, without being too sweet.

Chao Ta Cheesecake

A traditional Basque Burnt Cheesecake renamed locally as Chao Ta which means 'Burnt'. Don't be fooled by it's exterior, the interior is soft and creamy!

Nutella Choc Cheesecake

Rich Nutella choc cheesecake topped with Nutella ganache and speculoos crumbs

Ondeh Ondeh Cake

Ondeh Ondeh in a cake form! Authentic tasting!

Speculoos Cheesecake

For speculoos lovers, speculoos in a rich cheese cake. Yums!


Savoury or sweet? Snack or dessert? Your choice!

Beef Rendang Pie

Tender beef chunks cooked in traditional spices coming together with flaky pastry. Best combination for a nice snack!

Butter Chicken Pie

Best selling Butter Chicken Pie. Creamy, buttery and flaky on the crust. Halal factory.

Butter Croissants

Buttery croissants specially baked by inmates. Show your support for their passionate bakes!


Made for butter lovers!

Chicken & Mushroom Pie

Classic chicken pie with flaky pastry. Contains mushroom. Halal factory.

Classic Beef Pie

Classic Minced Beef Pie with flaky pastry. Halal factory.

Crusty Choc Danish

Crusty almond cream on top, melty choc inside. Love this Danish!

Double-Baked Almond Croissant

Double-Baked Almond Croissant filled with almond meal inside and covered with almond cream and flakes on the outside. Toast it till golden brown for total enjoyment over a coffee or tea!


Purchase a gift or souvenir for your coffee loving or overseas friends!

Barista Keyrings

A perfect gift for your coffee-lover friends or souvenir for any overseas friends. Made from solid stainless steel and comes with a black gift box!

Gryphon Teas [Box]

Select from the range of artisanal flavours, proudly made in Singapore!

Metal Straw
Straw Brush


For those who like more stuffs on their food

Butter Portion

Lurpak individual butter

Chocolate sauce (30ml)

Extra sauce to go with your waffles, cakes or gelato.

Caramel Sauce (30ml)

Extra sauce to go with your waffles, cakes or gelato.

Gula Melaka
Maple Syrup

Original price from $7.50-$8.00 per bottle! Stock up for the week at home! Only for bundle discounts!